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Scott & Talia have been married for
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With traffic working against us, we had a PERFECT day!. We had absolutely beautiful, perfect weather - sunny and 70 degrees. We had amazing people around us all day long. Our only hitch was a ridiculous amount of traffic that not only kept people from being able to make it to the ceremony, but also made the bride herself almost late!! BUT due to incredible support and limo drivers :) we were able to be married and everyone who was unable to make the ceremony celebrated with us at the reception. The reception was the party of all parties. We had an AMAZING band (the Love Jones Band-- hire them, seriously, if you need a band for any type of event). The food was amazing, the venue was beautiful. Everyone at the Desmond worked with us. Our photographers and videographers captured amazing moments. And best of all, we were surrounded by our family and friends. And we were married!!! What more could one ask for?!?! We had an enjoyable brunch the next morning, finally packed up our things and made our way back home. We left Sunday night for JFK and flew out early Monday towards St Lucia. St Lucia is a beautiful place with an intriguing island lifestyle. We hit a bit of rain while we were there, despite it being their "dry season" but it was clear skies when it mattered and we were able to do everything we set out to do. It was truly amazing and perfect. After a week there we flew back to JFK and the next day headed to the poconos where we stayed in a house that we rented. A wonderful 4 BR house on the lake, with a boat. Scott even convinced Talia to buy her very own fishing rod. We caught 7 perch (soo good). Unfortunately, of the 4 that we kept, 2 were eaten by a snapping turtle while we went to get a filet knife! All in all, we could not have asked for anything more, except for maybe the time to not end and for us to not have to return to work!!

Scott is
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Born in Geneva and raised in Victor, Scott has been in upstate NY for most of his life. He stayed near home to go to college at RIT where he graduated with a degree in Packaging Engineering. Yes, there’s a degree for that! After graduation, Scott moved down to PA in the Philadelphia area to work for many of the major Pharmaceutical companies as a contractor including McNeil (J&J), Bristol Myers-Squibb, Wyeth, and currently AstraZeneca. Recently cutting hours back to two 10 hour days per week for AZ, Scott is pursuing his own company, Advanced Packaging Solutions, with two of his long-time college friends. In his free time Scott enjoys being outdoors, hiking, golf, and other hobbies like building/fixing things, which his current project is finishing the basement.

Driven to escape the confines of corporate America, Scott has taken his entrepreneurial role in starting a few businesses. Advanced Packaging Solutions is his main business, partnering with two long-time friends. Here companies can utilizer APS's services to save money in this trialing economic era at no financial risk. This is possible because APS is confident in their capabilities and work at no charge unless savings are realized, and only take a percentage of the actual savings. More information can be found at or Scott's second business is more of a hobby and personal interest than anything else. Photography is an enjoyable pastime that Scott found potential earnings in. To view some of his photography visit the galleries on this website or Devout Image at


Talia is
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On February 17, 1983 (a date all should remember!! :) ) Talia was born in Albany, NY. At the age of 2 her family moved to West Chester, PA,where she grew up until it was time for college. She traveled up to the University of New Hampshire for a 5yr Master Program in Occupational Therapy. Immediately following graduation she returned to Chester County and has called it home ever since. She bought her first house in May 2009 - an accomplishment she is very proud of! In August of 2008 she started a new job, working for St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, located in Philadelphia. She works with children, ages Birth through 21. She sees kids on both an outpatient and inpatient basis; kids who, for a number of reasons such as developmental delays, orthopedic concerns, brachial plexus injuries, require assistance to regain or increase function in their everyday lives. When not at work Talia enjoys spending time with family, including her sister, brother in law and perfect nephew who live only minutes away(!!) and friends. She enjoys wine tasting and recently is attempting to get into Zumba!


Cayce is
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Born on November 11th, 2005. Scott drove 23 hours stright all the way out to Minesota to get her when she was only 6 weeks old... and then 23 hours back! But she was worth it! She's got quite the personality letting you know when she doesn't want to do something and grumbles her way through it. Though stubborn sometimes Cayce is actually a very well behaved dog and Loves her new sister. They get along great and have been inseperable ever since.


Stella is
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Born on August 27th, 2010. She became a member of the family on Novemberr 6th, 2010 and has been just as stubborn as the rest of us ever since. Stella is a black Great Dane who has an amazing marking of a perfect 5 point star on her chest. We originally planned on waiting till after the wedding before adding to our family however once we saw her picture we were completely smitten and sold. We have been thrilled ever since. She is SO sweet, always wants to be with us or Cayce. She is full of life and wags her tail all the time. She definitely has her puppy moments but she has added so much to our lives (and to Cayce's... these two NEVER stop playing) She is still learning body awareness as she has not yet grown into her legs and feet - but she is trying!


Flynn is
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Born in May 2005. Flynn was Talia's very first pet once she entered her first apartment. He was being fostered by a rescue group who rented out space in Petsmart where she had a job in the grooming salon. After walking past him every day on the way to swipe in and out he was just too irresistable to pass up and she put in an application to adopt him. He entered my life in the summer of 2006 as an outgoing skinny cat. I quickly plumped him up and also learned to get him a playmate because without one he never stopped meowing!! He is a joy and such a love. He has quickly adapted to have canines share his living space.


Carter is
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Born August 28 2008. Carter was another rescue kitty for Talia. I again saw him in Petsmart during an adoption weekend however was told initially that someone else put in an application. They called me the next day to tell me that the other person pulled their app and that I was next on the list. Carter came home with me very shortly after. He is my first long hair cat and by far the most outspoken (and somewhat obnoxious) cat I've ever owned. But he is a huge sweetie (although tricky and quite mischievous at times) He wants nothing more than to sit on your lap, or play with the dogs and Flynn. Now if only he would learn to stop talking so loudly in the middle of the night!

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